Corinne Linder

The Ordinary Circus Girl
Circus / Arts numériques / Creation

As part of Never Complain, Never Explain

When you are a circus artist and have built your life around your physical prowess, what happens when your body gives out? A sensory immersion that blends virtual reality (VR) and circus performance, The Ordinary Circus Girl raises the issues of risk and failure, as well as of the adrenaline that dopes all who earn their living with their body.

Played in a special area called VR MicroThéâtre, The Ordinary Circus Girl is both a virtual reality and mixed reality experience. Artists will guide and communicate with the spectators through touch, speech, or smell.

Slip on your VR glasses and step into the shoes of a circus performer, from the wings to the aerial finale!


Artistic direction: Corinne Linder
Technical Manager: Marjolaine Grenier
Postproduction and technological direction: Amaury La Burthe
Artists-performers: Corinne Linder, Julia Masson, Nicolas Queutelard
Scenography: Jeremie Chevalier
Musical creation: Katja Andersen