Compagnie des Lumas – Angélique Clairand et Eric Massé

De l'Ève à l'Eau

This show is part of the Semaine sur Mars festival!

De L’Eve* à l’Eau, an autobiographical fiction by two authors, takes us deep into rural France where Éric Massé and Angélique Clairand grew up. This piece addresses how we become traitors to our class and how language both ties us to and frees us from our original milieu. The stage is filled with odds and ends, a captivating scene that feels like a memory.

This intimate and documented theater blends fiction (the stories we all tell ourselves to survive in a hostile environment), personal testimonies, and sociological truths into the life story of a woman who used to be a farmer but now suffers from dementia and communicates only through a moribund dialect – parlange – which her daughter stopped speaking in order to liberate herself.

“De l’Eve à l’eau scrutinizes human beings in urban and rural areas, building a giant puzzle that helps us reconstruct the puzzle of our own multiple identities.” Angélique Clairand and Éric Massé”.


Conception et écriture : Angélique Clairand et Eric Massé
With : Christine Brücher, Angélique Clairand, Adèle Grasset, Eric Massé, Mbaye Ngom
Scenography : Johnny Lebigot
Lights : Yoann Tivoli
Créateur son : Marc-Antoine Granier
Costumes : Laura Garnier
Artistic collaboration : Hugo Guittet
General board: Simon Lambert-Bilinski
tdoor photographs: : Cédric Roulliat
Thanks to : Sandrine et Marc
Coproduction : Compagnie des Lumas / Comédie de Valence, CON Drôme-Ardèche/ Les Subsistances, Lyon/ Grand Angle – Scène Régionale, Pays Voironnais / Annonay Rhône Agglo en Scènes/ Centre culturel La Ricamarie, en partenariat avec la Comédie de Saint-Etienne, CON
Writing and play residences : Chartreuse Villeneuve lez Avignon – Centre national des écritures du spectacle/ Comédie de Valence, CON Drôme-Ardèche/ Les Subsistances, Lyon / Centre Culturel La Ricamarie / Le Nombril du Monde, Pougne-Hérisson / Centre Culturel du Château de Goutelas / Le Kiasma, Castelnau-le-Lez / Association Ah? et l’UPCP Métive, Parthenay
With support of DIESE # Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes I dispositif d’insertion de l’École de La Comédie de Saint-Étienne
La Compagnie des Lumas est en convention triennale – avec la DRAC Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, le Département de la Loire et la Ville de Saint Etienne

COMPAGNIE DES LUMAS expresses its artistic and civic intent by addressing societal issues directly. Their desire to investigate the porosity between fact and fiction has led Lumas to explore radical situations and outsiders who often disagree with the social consensus and free themselves by using prohibited speech. In an effort to make theater truly local, the Lumas create a unique relationship with their audiences, including them in their creative process through meetings, public rehearsals, research sessions, workshops, interviews, surveys, joint creations, etc. They experiment, rehearse, and play not only in theaters but also in less conventional places such as hospitals, prisons, public places, hotels, apartments, factories, etc.

In January 2019, Angélique Clairand and Eric Massé were appointed directors of Théâtre du Point du Jour in Lyon.