Clément Vercelletto X Société Étrange X Sarah Terral
Live Music / Performance

Music that has style!
Clément Vercelletto takes the SUBS-Sessions motto seriously.
On the program: an intimate symphony for tapes, krautrock trance, and mutant electro.


Tape Ensemble

With this analog and human sound performance, the Lyonnais artist Clément Vercelletto offers variations on listening to be experienced in small groups. Cassette tape loops recorded with the same note produce harmonics that change as the audience moves around. An intimate, magnetic symphony.


Société Étrange

Société Étrange, the trio composed of Antoine Bellini (Zorbing), Romain Hervault (ex Panpanpan / Maman Brigitte) and Jonathan Grandcollot (Plein Soleil), returns to the roots of krautrock and blends analog synthesizers with acoustic instruments. But instead of going back in time, their sound machine blasts off into space to explore the frontiers of cosmic music.


Sarah Terral

Half of the techno/experimental/improvised duo Kaumwald and a member of Orgue Agnès, Arlt, and Luxus, Clément Vercelletto has multiple artistic personalities and projects. He closes this musical evening full of twists and turns with a transformational mutant electro solo.

Conception and music: Clément Vercelletto
Production : Les Sciences Naturelles, Les SUBS, Le Marché Gare