Clédat & Petitpierre

Les Baigneurs

Clédat & Petitpierre present Les Baigneurs outside Les SUBS, at the chaufferie parking lot & place Valmy (Lyon 9).

Striped swimsuits, beach towels, a yellow ball under the arm . . . two giant dolls recreate scenes from the beach

Inspired by Picasso’s Baigneuses au ballon (1928), two giant dolls in striped swimsuits recreate iconic beach scenes from art history. Made of pleated tulle, these two living sculptures, with beach towels over their shoulders and yellow ball in hand, create a captivating tableau of an almost moving lightness. Like a far-off echo of idleness and summer games.

With: Yvan Clédat et Coco Petitpierre

Production : lebeau et associés

Coproduction : Musée du Léman, FAR° Nyon (S)