Cecilia Bengolea, Damion BG Dancerz et Craig Black Eagle

Oneness – Party Animal
Dance / Dance party / Performance

This show is presented as part of the MOI of dance.

Swaying rhythms, lewd and vindictive flow: welcome to the feverish world of the Dancehall! Born in Jamaica in the late 1970s, this turbulent club version of reggae is all the rage with experts at exaggerated hip wiggling. An insatiable explorer of counterculture richness, Cecilia Bengolea has made dancehall the driver of her most recent creations. On this occasion, the Franco-Argentine choreographer, who has displayed her talent in shows with François Chaignaud, is working with the Jamaican dancers Damion BG Dancerz and Craig Black Eagle. It’s impossible to just sit quietly and watch this top-notch trio, and that’s just fine: the show is in dancefloor mode with a light show, video projection, and sound system.

There’s a dancehall party at Les Subs tonight to bring this edition of the Moi de la danse to a beautiful (and sweaty) end!


Conception: Cecilia Bengolea,Damion BG Dancerz et Craig Black Eagle
Performers: Cecilia Bengolea, Craig Black Eagle, Damion BG Dancerz
D.J.: DJ Master Will
Videos: Infinite mix de Cecilia Bengolea et Black Eagle
Administration/production: Chloé Schmidt, Jeanne Lefèvre, Clémentine Rougier
Diffusion: Sarah de Ganck/ART HAPPENS


Coproduction (in progress): La Villette, Paris
Production:Vlovajob Pru est subventionnée par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) et le Conseil régional d’Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
Cecilia Bengolea et François Chaignaud sont artistes associés à Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy.