Catherine Beaugrand - Photo : La Fabrique de Théâtre

Catherine Beaugrand

Assez vivant
Arts numériques / Creation

On stage, the audience strolls among sculptures, puppets, Furbies, Beam mobile videoconferencing robots and other electronic creatures turned on for as long as it takes to recite a poem. A cross between a pop-up multimedia installation and a poetry reading, Assez vivant explores our day-to-day yet emotional relationships with social robots and artificial intelligence systems.

What is “alive enough” for us to give in to the desire to believe it is? This unusual show is both fun and wise.

Catherine Beaugrand has developed a unique artistic practice that blends a variety of activities: producing forms, writing, teaching and research, and directing collective projects. She combines drawing, sculpture, and video, often in large-format works.

Marie de Quatrebarbes is a poet born in 1984. Her publications include La vie moins une minute (Lanskine, 2014) and Gommage de tête (Éric Pesty Éditeur, 2017). She is the co-founder of the poetry review La tête et les cornes. Her latest non-fiction book, John Wayne est sous mon lit, was published in 2018 by éditions du cipM.

With the participation of DICRéAM
With the support of the Theater Factory / Department of Performing Arts of the Province of Hainaut
With the support in residence of La Pratique – artistic workshop / La Métive