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Les subsistances

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Plateforme chorégraphique internationale

Du lundi 25 au vendredi 29 juin 2018

Dance / Workshop


Workshops for professional artist and art school students
Organized by the Centre national de la danse in Lyon

In partnership with Les Subsistances

Camping 2018, from 25 to 29 June in Lyon, is the fourth edition of an event that has become an internationally recognized and awaited platform! It’s the twin of the Camping event being held in Pantin (Île-de-France) from 18 to 29 June. Camping is unique because its workshops are open to students from dance, theater, and visual arts schools or training centers as well as to professional artists. In Lyon, more than 100 “campers” will spend a week at Les Subsistances and the Conservatoire national supérieur musique et danse de Lyon. They’ll rub shoulders with a wide audience, which Camping addresses directly through a performance-conference and presentations of student works (during the Marathon des écoles), crossing borders and genres. Students, professional artists, and audiences create new ways of interacting with each other, sharing, discovering, and learning.


Camping for Everybody

Ana Rita Teodoro Performance / Conference

Fascinated by butoh, one of the major influences on her work, Ana Rita Teodoro deepened her artistic and socio-historical study of this art through a research project at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio between 2015 and 2017. The conference “Your teacher, please” recounts that experience, with a focus on the private lessons she took with Yoshito Ohno. With no specific model, as the founders Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno did not develop a method for transmitting their art, every teacher invents their own method for teaching butoh. Illustrated by brief danced interludes that describe the processes and methods the choreographer was able to observe, the conference is designed to plunge the public into the heart of a Japanese studio and recreate its atmosphere. It also helps deconstruct stubborn prejudices about this little-known genre, too easily reduced to the dancers’ ghost-like figures or extremely slow movements.

Marathon des écoles
by the students of the invited schools

This marathon gives the five schools invited to Camping in Lyon the opportunity to present their work to the public.
By creating performances from teaching situations, these restitutions showcase the various schools’ identities and give everyone the chance to discover unique teaching methods and the artists of tomorrow.



Free / 5 € conference
Workshops :
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Dates & horaires

Mon 25 June 2018

Tue 26 June 2018

Wed 27 June 2018

Thu 28 June 2018

Fri 29 June 2018

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CAMPING est à Pantin et en Île-de-France du 18 juin au 29 juin et à Lyon du 25 au 29 juin.

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