Benjamin Villemagne & Yann Métivier

Theater / Arts numériques / Creation

Show performed in the actor’s apartment and broadcast live on line

In #fantôme, hybrid theater performed in an apartment and broadcast live on line, a grieving YouTuber relives his past during a retro gaming party. From his apartment, Ludowww hosts an online video game show. After his mother dies, he finds his old game console in the family home and, nostalgic, plugs it in and starts playing without the slightest idea that this will do more than simply bring back memories. Performed in an apartment while interacting with online viewers, #fantôme examines our relationship to grief and the digital footprint we leave after we die.

Saturday 31 October at 8 PM, Yann Métivier and Benjamin Villemagne will present #fantôme: fin de partie at the Théâtre de l’Élysée, a special version of the show with a festive Halloween bonus.
Reservations opening soon. Stay connected!

Conception and interpretation: Yann Métivier et Benjamin Villemagne
Production manager: Ariana Thoni
Technical: Benoit Bregeault
Administration: Nicolas Ligeon
Diffusion: Emilie Briglia
Production: Quincaillerie Moderne
Co-production: Les SUBS, Lyon
Support: Théâtre de l’Elysée, Compagnie AOI