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Les subsistances

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Laurent Chétouane (France / Germany)

From 28 to 31 January 2014

Création  Dance


“Muhly’s music is like an invitation to live, to sing. It’s a dense combination of old and new that creates a unique universe and aims to do perhaps one thing above all: reconnect Emotion and Intellectualism. In terms of form, the link with baroque music . . . is a reminder of the origin of the many pulses specific to this music and enables the dance to develop more concretely around a specific concept of spatial and bodily symmetry.”

Laurent Chétouane’s work revolves around dancers’ emotional strength. The first theater and opera director to become a choreographer, he not only sets bodies in motion, he engages them. Although French, he has long worked in Germany, where he has made otherness a strong theme in his work. His previous choreographic shows having been tapestries of feelings and philosophical abstractions, the link with music as a raw material of dance is new for him and broadens his exploration, which is already rich in sound, silence, space and time.

Scores : Drones & Violin, Drones & Piano, Drones & Viola, Duet No.1 : Chorale Pointing Downwards, Keep in Touch, Quiet Music, Clear Music (Nico Muhly) / Ricercar No.2, Ricercar No.7 (Domenico Gabrielli)


Chorégraphie : Laurent Chétouane
Danseurs : Senem Gökce Ogultekin, Sigal Zouk, Matthieu Burner, Mikael Marklund
Musiciens : Emmanuelle Bernard, Mathias Halvorsen, Tilmann Kanitz
Musique : Nico Muhly, Domenico Gabrielli
Partitions : Drones & Violin, Drones & Piano, Drones & Viola, Duet No.1 : Chorale Pointing Downwards, Keep in Touch, Quiet Music, Clear Music (Nico Muhly) / Ricercar No.2, Ricercar No.7 (Domenico Gabrielli)
Costumes : Sophie Reble
Assistante : Leonie Rodrian
Directeur technique & régie lumière : Stefan Riccius
Body training : Patricia Brülhart
Chargée de production : Christine Kammer

Co-production : Les Subsistances – Lyon, Tanzquartier Wien, Zollverein Essen and HAU Hebbel am Ufer – Berlin.

Projet parrainé par Basisförderung Berlin/Le maire gouverneur de Berlin – Chancellerie au sénat des affaires culturelles – Darstellende Künste e.V./3-jährige Konzeptionsförderung aus Mitteln des Bundes

Projet soutenu par le Goethe-Institut


Laurent Chétouane :

Born in Angoulême in 1973, director and choreographer Laurent Chétouane lives and works in Berlin. After earning a chemical engineering degree in 1996, he studied theater at the Sorbonne and directing at the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Frankfurt.

Chétouane mainly directs the major classics, like Müller, Büchner, Schiller and Goethe. His innovative work, based on the rhetoric of the body, the voice, and silence, investigates the concepts of character and representation and is diametrically opposed to the German tradition of an interpretative production of dramatic texts.

Beginning in 2006, and especially after the success of his 2007 solo performance based on the text Paysage sous surveillance by Heiner Müller en 2007, Chétouane continued to direct plays but turned increasingly to dance, continuing his Tanzstückes projects in which he once again examines the concepts of presence and time.

In 2013 he presented the performance M!M, danced by Matthieu Burner and Mikael Marklund. M!M examines friendship, acceptance of others, and sharing common space.

More info : www.laurentchetouane.com

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Jeudi 30 janvier de 10h à 14h
Ateliers de danse réservés aux professionnels.
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Tue 28 January 2014 / 20:00

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