Karim Messaoudi et Juan Ignacio Tula - Les Subsistances 2019

1 billet, 2 créations

Juan Ignacio Tula & Karim Messaoudi
Performance / Circus / Creation

Spectacles as part of festival Livraisons d’été.

For this evening, the Subs welcome two creations, supported by the device Premières Pistes / utoPistes 2018 :

  • Instante de Juan Ignacio Tula
  • Acte II – “K” de Karim Messaoudi au sein du groupe Kurz Davor

After Somnium et Santa Madera, Juan Ignacio Tula is continuing his exploration of the Cyr wheel.
Premiering in June 2018 at the Festival utoPistes, Instante examines our relationship to circularity—the thing that all forms of dance have in common, from African “tangos” (areas where rites are held) to Sufi whirling dervishes. The constant spinning motion blurs notions of space and time, opening doors onto a new reality and creating a connection with the sacred.

Juan Ignacio takes his body beyond its limits in a physically demanding piece he continues to perform until exhausted. In this voyage of elevation, the Argentine artist questions and reveals himself. The stage becomes an altar, the starting point for a trip to the center of the self.



Conception and interpretation : Juan Ignacio Tula
Light creation : Jérémie Cusenier
Sound creation : Gildas Céleste
Costumes creation  : Ségolène Petey
Executive Producer : Compagnie les mains, les pieds et la tête aussi (Mpta)

Reception in residencies and co-productions :
Espace Périphérique, Parc de La Villette – Mairie de Paris
MA scène Nationale – Pays de Montbéliard
Le Festival utoPistes en partenariat avec Les Nouvelles Subsistances et la Maison de la danse, Lyon

Photo © Christophe Raynaud De Lage


Juan Ignacio Tula, circus artist

Born in Buenos Aires, Juan Ignacio Tula started out on the underground scene, spending four years with an alternative Argentine musical group called Da Raiz. At 17 he learned movement (lindy hop, tango, contemporary dance) and at the same time started practicing circus arts. In 2010 he enrolled in the Cirko Vertigo school in Turin (Italy), where he started practicing the Cyr wheel under the watchful eye of Arian Miluka. His desire to delve further into this discipline took him to the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne, where he met artists who have played a big role in his career. More specifically, Stefan Kinsman, with whom he is furthering his research on the Cyr wheel, blending manipulation, movement, and juggling with the feet. In 2015, the Mpta/Mathurin Bolze company offered them a mentoring arrangement dedicated to creating their first projects as a duo: Somnium in 2015, which led to Santa Madera in 2017, under the benevolent eye of Mathurin Bolze and Séverine Chavrier.

In 2018, Juan Ignacio Tula helped the Kiaï company create Ring.


Blending circus arts, theater, and music, Karim Messaoudi and his Kurz Davor companions work on emancipating individuals who are constrained, weakened, or broken. From a spring floor, the artists reflect on the sometimes unconscious gestures of these individuals, who are trying to regain control over their bodies and a grip on reality.

The result is a piece that evolves over the course of a journey in three acts: Act 1—Become human again / Act II—“K” / Act III—untitled.



From and with le groupe de travail KURZ DAVOR :
Fanny Alvarez
Jean Dousteyssier
Sami Dubot
Thomas Dubot
Karim Messaoudi

Production : Collectif de la Bascule
Coproduction : Compagnie MPTA / Les Subsistances, Laboratoire international de création  artistique, Lyon / Le Manège de Reims
Home in residence : La Grainerie, Balma / Les Subsistances, Lyon Théâtre de la Croix Rousse, Lyon / Manège – Scène nationale – Reims

Photo © Christophe Raynaud De Lage


Karim Messaoudi started circus as a child, joining Pop Circus and learning acrobatics. In 2006, he started attending Ecole nationale des Arts du Cirque in Rosny-sous-Bois, where he discovered the teeterboard and the trampoline, as well as acrobatic stunts with porters. A member of the 22nd graduating class, he participated in the graduation show Âm, directed by Stéphane Riccordel.

On graduating, he helped found Collectif de la Bascule, with which he created Rien n’est moins sûr and Quand quelqu’un bouge. As a member of the collective, he helped create La Walf, a merger with La Meute, then participated in Futura Brasil, a collaboration with Melting Paint. While taking part in a research lab organized by Cie Mpta, he met Mathurin Bolze, who taught him his solo, Fenêtres. Karim then created the duo Barons perchés with him.

Since then, reconnecting with someone from his past led him to found Galactik Ensemble, with which he is created Optraken.