Artistes en résidence

Season 20/21

Tailor-made residencies

Les Subs supports contemporary creation by hosting about 50 artistic teams in residence every season. Theater, dance, music, circus, visual and digital arts – in short, there’s a place for all the diversity of today’s art forms at Les Subs, and especially for aesthetic adventures that take audiences beyond their comfort zone.

Gone are the borders between visual arts and performing arts, the big stage and small theaters, indoors and outdoors, high-brow and low-brow, here and there. Open to the city and the world, Les Subs offers residences to both budding regional talents and international artists.

Residency terms are purposely variable to meet each artist’s needs and to adapt to the type of project and its stage of completion. Artistic teams come to Les Subs for a few days or several weeks to do research, experiment, finalize staging, develop a show’s lighting design, test technological devices, get advice, rehearse in optimum (or nearly optimum) conditions, and share some of the steps in their process with the public (meetings, workshops, residence excursions, and performances).

From March 2020 to october, Les Subs will host as artists in residence the following regional, national, and international companies: Malika Djardi, Clédat & Petitpierre, Benjamin Villemagne, Wanjiru Kamuyu, Inbal Ben Haim, Paul Changarnier (Collectif A/R), Colyne Morange, Anne-Sophie Grac, Mallika Taneja, Les Femmes de Crobatie, Cy, Sylvain Prunenec, Yan Duyvendack,…

Les SUBS promotes hybrid creations and unusual experiences without favoring one discipline over another. Our artistic mission is carried out in complementarity and interaction with other cultural organizations in Lyon and the region. To ensure artistic innovation, Les SUBS works with creators whose approach includes risk taking and whose aesthetic processes break free of current standards. This desire for innovation is closely linked to our requirement that works be accessible to all audiences. Residencies are extended within the region on specific terms, in partnership with schools, shelters, prisons, and specialized medical-social institutions. Les SUBs is committed to a sensitive and connected approach to art and in its relations with artistic and cultural education, citizenship, and social cohesion, with the values of hospitality, equality, and diversity.

Residencies at Les SUBS are reserved for professional artists only.
If you are a professional artist, you may send us a request using the online form starting in Spring 2020.
Please make sure your project is consistent with the artistic mission and the technical possibilities of Les SUBS.
A programming committee reviews the applications once a month and sends a reply within a few days of the review.
For further information, don’t hesitate to write to us at:


En décembre 2019, les SUBS et le Grütli (Genève) lançaient GEYSER, appel à projets croisé pour faire jaillir de nouvelles formes artistiques.
L’enjeu était de sélectionner deux projets pour composer un programme en deux parties, présenté aux SUBS en novembre 2020 lors d’un RDV dédié aux créations hybrides, puis au Grütli en janvier 2021. Après des semaines de tractations, deux équipes artistiques ont été sélectionnées, l’une établie en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AURA) et l’autre en Suisse romane. Les deux seront mentorées par l’artiste Yvan Duyvendak.

  • Le Bureau des dépositions qui réunit Marie Moreau et un collectif de 10 co-auteurs/-trices* avec le projet Mon natama (pulaar) – sculpter le vide de justice
  • Marion Thomas et Pintozor Prod avec le projet Kit de survie en milieu masculiniste (titre provisoire)

*Mamy Kaba dit Fally Ipupa, Ousmane Kouyaté dit grand Kouyaté, Sarah Mekdjian dite Petite Cuillère, Mamadou Djoulde Balde dit Never Cry, Aliou Diallo dit Petite Citron, Laye Diakité, Marie Moreau dite Petite Pomme, Ben Bangoura, Pathé Diallo, Saâ Raphaël Moundekeno