Artistes en résidence

Tailor-made residencies

Les Subs supports contemporary creation by hosting about 50 artistic teams in residence every season. Theater, dance, music, circus, visual and digital arts – in short, there’s a place for all the diversity of today’s art forms at Les Subs, and especially for aesthetic adventures that take audiences beyond their comfort zone.
Gone are the borders between visual arts and performing arts, the big stage and small theaters, indoors and outdoors, high-brow and low-brow, here and there. Open to the city and the world, Les Subs offers residences to both budding regional talents and international artists.

Residency terms are purposely variable to meet each artist’s needs and to adapt to the type of project and its stage of completion. Artistic teams come to Les Subs for a few days or several weeks to do research, experiment, finalize staging, develop a show’s lighting design, test technological devices, get advice, rehearse in optimum (or nearly optimum) conditions, and share some of the steps in their process with the public (meetings, workshops, residence excursions, and performances).


Request for residencies

Residencies at Les SUBS are reserved for professional artists only.
If you are a professional artist, you may send us a request using the online form starting in Spring 2020.
Please make sure your project is consistent with the artistic mission and the technical possibilities of Les SUBS.

A programming committee reviews applications twice a year.
Call for residencies for September 2021 to February 2022 is now over.

New call for residencies soon 


A joint call for projects to spotlight new artistic forms!
In a context where the performing arts were never so lackluster, the Grütli Theater and Les SUBS are joining forces to launch the 2nd edition of their joint call for projects: GEYSER. Their shared ambition is to shine a light on unexpected art forms and promote new multilingual, multidiscipline talent. Our goal is to support aesthetic adventures that don’t hesitate to push the boundaries (of the stage, standards, good taste, etc.) to fully express how complex the world and our representations of it are. We make way for unconventional approaches that give rise to the unexpected, address societal issues, challenge authority, and move the audience toward liberation!

GEYSER supports two artists/artistic teams: one based in the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region and the other in French-speaking Switzerland. Each artist or team will be hosted in residence at Les SUBS and the Grütli Theater, will be mentored by Oscar Gómez Mata, and will receive financial support.

The artists selected this year are:

> La Novià, with “La Trève”, a musical and visual project developed by Yann Gourdon

> La Cie Folledeparole, with “Nos désirs font désordre”, a series of surprising performances

The selected projects will be performed at the Grütli Theater and Les SUBS in January 2022.

They are working at Les Subsistances this season