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Une semaine de vacances

Christine Angot

Saturday, November 24th 2012




Thematique : the sexual identities

A man and a very young woman on vacation. Hotel rooms, an initiation to love in its crudest aspects, the intolerable simplicity of subjugation. A father and a daughter.

«In Une semaine de vacances, Christine Angot returns to the subject of incest in an account made even more unbearable by the fact that the narrator doesn’t make the slightest judgment, she merely recounts, in a manner as crude as it is neutral, the heroine’s interminable minutes of agony. We read straight through this short novel, which the author wrote “as one takes a picture, without breathing, without taking time to breathe. Trying to be precise, to capture the instant and the movement.” It’s so precise we feel like we’re in the same room, a powerless witness to the ignominy.»
Fanny Rivron


Christine Angot (France), romancière, est l’auteur d’une dizaine de livres qui en ont fait une des figures majeures de la scène littéraire, notamment L’Inceste (Stock, 1999), Quitter la ville (Stock, 2000), Pourquoi le Brésil (Stock, 2002), ou Le Marché des amants (Seuil, 2008). Elle a également écrit pour le théâtre. Son dernier roman, Une Semaine de vacances*, est un texte violent et condensé, qui donne à voir et à comprendre : c’est là tout l’enjeu de la littérature.
* Une Semaine de vacances (Flammarion, 2012)


« Christine Angot (France) is a novelist. Author of almost a dozen books that have made her one of the major figures on the literary scene, in particular L’Inceste (Stock, 1999), Quitter la ville (Stock, 2000), Pourquoi le Brésil (Stock, 2002), and Le Marché des amants (Seuil, 2008), she has also written for the theater. Her latest novel, Une Semaine de vacances, is a violent, dense text that helps us see and understand, which is the whole point of literature.»
Fabienne Pascaud, Télérama1er septembre 2012 (Lire l’article)

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