Les subsistances

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Les subsistances

Laboratoire international
de création artistique – Lyon

Archives - Saison 2013 - 2014

Sur les traces du ITFO


From 10 to 21 december 2013



A forest of music stands and sheet music between piles of instruments abandoned to the elements: two trumpets, a base clarinet and a tuba, a few winged musical chairs, a cello case, bass drums, competing drum machines and altos, base guitars and string bases. In the rubble of this musical ensemble, a few musicians have no doubt taken refuge: the Turakie National Orchestra has been disbanded, allegedly for economic reasons. Let us follow these moments and the absurd movements of these individuals as they withdraw into themselves, hide, isolate themselves, come back as shadows.

You can hear a few squeaks, bicycle pedals activating accordions, mallets striking the bass drums: the instruments seem to play themselves in memory of the good old times when the musicians were considered the finest interpreters of the Beau Dahu Bleu.

Let us walk in the fresh tracks left by this phantom opera, somewhere between a chamber brass band and a rural electro-pop philharmonic.


Direction and set design: Michel Laubu
Avec la complicité de Emili Hufnagel
Musical design:
Rodolphe Burger et Laurent Vichard
Michel Laubu, Marie-Pierre Pirson, Caroline Cybula, Emili Hufnagel (en alternance)
Frédéric Roudet, Laurent Vichard
Timothy Marozzi
Hélène Kieffer
Construction :
Charly Frénéa, Joseph Paillard, Géraldine Bonneton
Cécile Lutz

Production Turak Théâtre
Le Bateau Feu Scène Nationale de Dunkerque – Les Subsistances – Le Carreau, Scène Nationale de Forbach – La Comédie de Saint Etienne, Centre Dramatique National – Théâtre Anne de Bretagne, Vannes – La Passerelle Scène Nationale de Gap – Théâtre Jean Renoir, Cran Gevrier.
With the support of:
de l’Espace Paul Jargot, Crolles Turak théâtre est compagnie associée au Bateau Feu Scène Nationale de Dunkerque.


Michel Laubu : born in 1961 in Creutzwald.
1968: I use my technical discoveries to create “pranks” for my older sister.
1970: I experiment with life as an astronaut in an ordinary environment by making my first spacesuit out of corrugated cardboard.
1973 (I was 12): I accompany the Beatles, building my drum set from plastic tubs.
1974: I invent “the arsenoïtal,”a musical instrument based on overcoming the (highly feared) Larsen effect, between microphone and acoustical speaker (to my neighbors’ great pleasure and I thank them for their patience).
1977: I try to reinvent the bass clarinet with a clarinet mouthpiece and a green garden hose, trying in vain to calculate the parameter of the increasing distance between two holes.
1979: I create my first show with objects and marionettes. The first performance was given in my old nursery school. With emotion and an absence note (of the “strep throat” or “toothache” kind) for my high school, I began my stage career with a tour of schools in the department.
1980: I discover Alsace, its geraniums, its fountains . . . my first attempt at creating a theater company.
1981: I arrive in Nancy, at the C.U.I.F.E.R.D. (International University Center for Training and Research in Drama). I discover Eastern theater (Japanese Noh, Indian Kathakali, Balinese Topeng, etc.). Internship with the Teatr Laboratorium in Wroclaw, Odin Teatret, I.S.T.A. … Start thinking about actors’ theater.
1984: creation of a traveling show, Le poulailler (in a suitcase) and five-week tour in Germany. My first show with visuals and sound but no text.
1985: solo creation of TURAK THÉÂTRE D’OBJETS (artistic direction, author, director, actor by day and administrator by night).



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