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Les subsistances

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Sans Arrêt

El Nucleo

March 30th and 31st, 2013



Abundant energy, unfailing physical virtuosity, an incredible sense of the audience: Edward Aleman & Wilmer Marquez met in Bogota, where they created circus acts that they performed in the streets. Since then, they’ve formed the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France and performed together in plays with David Bobee (Roméo & Juliette, 2012 creation), but they haven’t lost their taste for impressive performances shared with the audience in modest circumstances.


Acrobat acrobat : Edward Aleman
Expanding acrobat : Wilmer Marquez


Edward Aleman and Wilmer Marquez formed their acrobatic duo in Colombia twelve years ago. They first created short forms then joined the Colombian company La Gata Cirko, participating in the first contemporary Colombian circus performance directed by Felipe Ortiz (La Gata Cirko’s director and stage director). Having learned a lot from this collective experience, the duo nonetheless felt the need to continue their training and joined the 22nd group of students (promotion) to study at the Centre national des arts du cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne in 2008. During the tour of Am, the class’s final-project performance under the artistic direction of Stéphane Ricordel (founder of Arts Sauts), they developed their own original creation, Quien Soy ? and founded the company El Nucleo. In 2011, the duo joined Raisonnances, staged by Salia Sanou and created and performed in Burkina Fasso and Ivory Coast. Since the beginning of 2012, El Nucleo has concentrated on performing Quien Soy ? and is also developing two short forms for all audiences, Sans Arrêt and a work in progress involving another artist, Fanny Hugo, in a duo with Edward Aleman. Wilmer and Edward are also performing in David Bobee’s most recent creation of Roméo & Juliette, which is currently touring.




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Sat 30 March 2013 / 16:15

Sat 30 March 2013 / 20:45

Sun 31 March 2013 / 17:00

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