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Les subsistances

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Rite Riot

Nora Chipaumire

16 and 17 november 2013

Création  Performance / Dance


Theme: Normal/Abnormal

The Family

Not since the dawn of time has the family, with its rituals and value systems, been questioned on the African continent. Why must women’s lives there, and often elsewhere, be a sacrifice, an offering?

Nora Chipaumire, a New York choreographer originally from Zimbabwe, questions the supposedly normal patriarchal family system.


Création et chorégraphie : Nora Chipaumire.
Mise en scène : Katherine Profeta.
Avec : Nora Chipaumire.
Création et régie lumière : Olivier Clausse.
Composition et design sonore : Philip White.
Scénographie : Peter Born.
Textes sur textile : James Hannaham.
Management : Audra Diahann Lang.
Production : ARMATURE projects.
Coproduction : Les Subsistances – Lyon.


Nora Chipaumire. Born in Mutare, Zimbabwe and currently a resident of New York City, Nora Chipaumire has been challenging stereotypes of Africa and the black performing body, art, and aesthetic for the past decade. She has studied dance in many parts of the world including Africa.

Recent works include The Last Heifer (2012), commissioned by Danspace Project for Platform 2012, Parallels; Visible (2011), commissioned by Harlem Stage and created in collaboration with Jawole Willa Jo Zollar; Kimya (2011), a work for Jokajok!, a female ensemble based in Kenya; I Ka Nye (You Look Good) (2010), created and performed with choreographer Souleymane Badolo and musician Obo Addy; Silence/Dreams (2010), created and performed with Fred Bendongue and named one of the ten best dances of 2010 by the New York Times dance critics; and lions will roar, swans will fly, angels will wrestle heaven, rains will break, gukurahundi (2009), created and performed with Thomas Mapfumo (selected as Best Dance Concert of 2011 by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). She is featured in several films, including Dark Swan (dir. Laurie Coyle, 2011); the award-winning, Nora (dir. Alla Kovgan & David Hinton, 2008); and the documentary Movement (R)evolution Africa (a story of an art form in four acts) (dir. Joan Frosch & Alla Kovgan, 2006).

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+++ After au Lavoir public
Existentialist striptease-Bare-all interviews
Sunday 17 november 21:30



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