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Les subsistances

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Olivier Normand

From 28 to 31 March 2013

Création  Performance / Dance


« At 16, I discovered the voice of counter-tenor Andreas Scholl. I decided that it was my voice, that that was how I wanted to sing. I had a vague feeling that this voice said something to me about my homosexuality, which I started becoming aware of at the same time. My first voice teacher was encouraging: I could decide to be a counter-tenor rather than a baritone if I wanted to. In a way, the issue of my sexual orientation was intensified by my vocal orientation, and at the time, my choices were clear. In the years that followed, I met several voice teachers who took various positions on this tone. Some encouraged me in my choice, others categorically refused it: “You’re a male, you have to sing with your male’s voice.” Some assured me a successful career, provided I choose one voice and give up the other. But I refused to choose; I didn’t become an opera singer, I became a dancer. »
Olivier Normand


Conception : Olivier Normand
Interpretation : Armelle Dousset et Olivier Normand
Lighting : Sylvie Mélis
Sound : Félix Perdreau
Costumes : Alexandra Bertaud
Administration : Marc Pérennès

Production : Echelle 1/1
Coproduction : Les Subsistances / LyonFestival Uzès Danse

Thanks : CNSM Lyon, Juliette Normand, Thomas le Colleter


A dancer and choreographer, Olivier Normand (France) became a contemporary dancer after university studies in modern literature (ENS). Trained at the Centre Chorégraphique National in Montpellier and the Abbaye de Royaumont, he dances for, among others, Mathilde Monnier, Alain Buffard, and Fanny de Chaillé, and participates in the activities of the Encyclopédie de la parole. As a choreographer, he co-signed his first piece, ICI (with Mylène Benoit), in 2010 and created his first solo, L’Artificier, in 2011.

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Thu 28 March 2013 / 21:30

Fri 29 March 2013 / 19:30

Sat 30 March 2013 / 17:45

Sun 31 March 2013 / 16:45


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