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Les subsistances

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Jörg Müller

From 23 to 30 March



“From the beginning of the C/O project I wanted to invite artists to take over the “tube” space, to use this stage design as a water theater. But how can you do that when you have a theater but no place to put it? This tube is a little like a circus tent, a small circus tent. Thanks to Les Subsistances in Lyon, the idea took shape. A mini-residence of 6 days followed by 4 days of performing formed the first volume of Noustube. Those 6 days, including 2 hours of rehearsals per day, led to 6 eclectic solos. Noustube is therefore a platform, a space of freedom for everyone, a shared performance space. Noustube is a hyper-individualized group project. Each artist is given carte blanche, total freedom to create, on the artistic level as well as with respect to length. The only constraint: “jump in” (at some point) during the performance. Noustube exists essentially because of the invited artists. These artists are, in some ways, the guarantors of the project.”
Jörg Müller

This project has been presented at Les Subsistances twice: during the Week_End Ça Chauffe! in January 2005 and the Week_End Ça Tchatche! in April 2008.


With: Vendredi Camille Boitel et Jörg Müller, samedi Jörg Müller, Sandrine Gallezot, Martin Schwietzke et dimanche Jörg Müller, Sandrine Gallezot, Martin Schwietzke, Steven Cohen
Conception et scénographie : Jörg Müller
Conception lumière : Paul Beaureilles et Jörg Müller
Construction socle : Mathieu Delangle
Conception chauffage : galvatek.com


Jörg Müller graduated from the National Center for Circus Arts in Châlons-en-Champagne in 1994. He’s been working on the tube since1993, when he created Les Tubes with Mads Rosenbeck, followed by Mobile travail autour des tubes sonores et suspendus in 1994 and, in 2001, c/o, a performance in a tube filled with water. In 2003 Müller invented Performance Research Experiment #1 (P.R.E. #1) with Jess Curtis, a performance between circus and dance.

Since 2005 he’s been working on the topic of balance, which has resulted in numerous performances and drawings. He worked as a juggler and dancer with Cirque Plume on Toiles II (1995), the Cahin-Caha company on ChiencrU – mongrel circus (2002/2000), and Cie Martin Schwitzke on Passage Désemboîté. He participated in Dialogue under a circus tent with Pierre Doussaint (1993) and in Kitsou Dubois’s Gravité Zéro and Trajectoire Fluide projects (2¬001 to 2003/1996). He also worked with François Verret in Mémento (1997), co-directed by Jacques Rebotier; Haim Adri in Anamnese Acte II (2003-2004); Julie Nioche in Les Sisyphe x 10 (2005); Jess Curtis in Under the radar (2006/2007); Roland Auzet in Théâtre des opérations (2007); and above all Mark Tompkins, with whom he began a two-year residency in Strasbourg in 1999, during which Müller discovered “instant composition” and “contact improvisation” in several workshops with Tompkins. During this residency he helped create La Vie rêvée d’Aimé (1999) and Remixamor (2000). He has taught the “Feldenkrais Method” since 2006.




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Fri 28 March 2014 / 22:30

Sat 29 March 2014 / 18:45

Sat 29 March 2014 / 21:00

Sun 30 March 2014 / 15:45

Sun 30 March 2014 / 19:15

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