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Moving & Thinking

Gabriel Schenker (bra/be)

18 & 19 April 2014



My overall research, originally called “Research on the Simultaneity of Sensorimotor Activity and Cognition”, started in 2012 and aimed at understanding different relations between movement, sensation, and thought. These questions started in a hiking experience. In 2011 I was hiking alone in Rio de Janeiro, going up a mountain at a high pace and I noticed that my mind was moving in a quality and a speed it did not usually move, much quicker than when I’m reading, in conversation, in therapy, climbing, or running. What was specific about this activity that made my mind rush with such richness and speed?

This hiking experience made me think of improvisation experiences with dance where I would be moving complexly albeit almost automatically while my mind would fly in directions that at times crossed and related to my ongoing experience (as when one movement recalled a piece of personal history or an external reference) and at times it would fly as if totally independent from it. It is very common to search for movement, to go for a walk for example, when one is trying to think, to imagine, to create. But it is almost as common to search for physical activity when one wants to forget, when one wants not to think. How those two seemingly different and independent activities – experiencing the world and thinking – relate to each other?

After this hiking experience the question of the ability of one’s body to be engaged with movement and with un/related thinking at the same time stayed in my mind and I embarked in a theoretical research on those questions specifically in the fields of phenomenology and neuroscience. After a long and exciting period of readings, I decided to take two lines: one is a dissertation on the notion of the organism in two different philosophers, and the other is a going back to where the questions started and developing a form of questioning that would involves not only acquired knowledge and reasoning but also movement. I turned back to some movement practices I knew in order to see towards where those practices led my thinking and developed a dialogue between the movement practices and a process of constantly re-thinking, through movement and speech, in the doing. The score Moving ~ Thinking is this practice of thinking and speaking through and alongside movement and sensation.


Concept, performance Gabriel Schenker


Dates & horaires

Fri 18 April 2014 / 22:30

Sat 19 April 2014 / 18:00