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Lily, coq à boches

Gilles Pastor

Friday 28 March



Je – coq à boches –
Not quite a striptease and not quite a rape, but all of that at once.
A piece at the limits of theater, a shearing as striptease.
A fairground striptease, an ugly carnival.
Barber’s scissors and shears,
Locks that fly, hair that falls.
A shorn head that appears, who did I shave?
A shorn woman? A German’s plucked chick?
In July 2004, I filmed the slaughter of 10 hens by my uncle and cousins.
As children, we played together.
Here, at the mill.
Today, I film Alphonse, Emmanuel and Pierrot.
They aren’t playing;
In fact, we don’t play together anymore.
The hen is held by her feet,
then held tight between the muscled thighs of the person plucking her.
A series of close-ups: feathers, hands, thighs, hairs.

“In 2005 when I created this performance at Les Subsistances, in the old military subsistances, France was celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Liberation. With this performance I wanted not to forget what Marguerite Duras said: “Shaving a girl’s head because she loved with love an official enemy of the country is an absolute horror and absolute stupidity.
Gilles Pastor

Lily, coq à boches was presented at Les Subsistances during the Week_End Ça Chauffe! in January 2005.


Avec : Gilles Pastor
Vidéo : Vincent Boujon et Gilles Pastor
Collaboration artistique : Catherine Bouchetal
Musiques : Georges Bizet, Les Pêcheurs de perles, Marlène Dietrich, Lili Marlene


In 2002, Gilles Pastor founded the theater company KastôrAgile in Lyon. With KastôrAgile he has developed a personal, intimate theater by introducing autobiographic materials (family videos, sexuality, illness, etc.). His work has led him to explore the writing of trans-genre shows. His shows often recount real and/or fictional travels. In 2007 he was awarded the Villa Médicis hors les Murs. After residencies in creating in the mountains (Savoie) with the FACIM (Foundation for International Cultural Action in the Mountains), he enjoyed successive residencies in Lyon at the Villa Gillet, the Center for Contemporary Research, and Les Subsistances, Laboratory for Artistic Creation. From 1991 to 2001, he worked as an actor, author and director for Les Trois-Huit, a creation collective.




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Fri 28 March 2014 / 23:15


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