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Les 120 journées de Sodome

Of Sade by Hippolyte Girardot

Friday, November 23rd 2012 at 21h45



Thematique : the sexual identities

Both fascinating and repulsive, Les 120 journées de Sodome is a diamond of classical literature that has been sparkling in the depths of libraries since 1785. The Marquis de Sade had been in the Bastille prison for eight years when he wrote it. Deprived of liberty, he let his cruelest fantasies run wild. The manuscript, which has an incredible, fantastic history, would soon join the collection in France’s national library. A common heritage, therefore. But can it be shared? Hippolyte Girardot believes we must try, to show that art must be lived as freely as possible to allow us to think.


« At first, in the 1970s, he just wanted to go to California to see the topless girls and guitars painted blue and purple. Then he just wanted to draw, because that was the best way to live, breathe, have fun, watch the world, have friends and loaf around in museums. And then, studying at the School for Decorative Arts, he started putting motion into the drawings, to “animate” them as it were, or “give them a soul.” But that’s not quite precise: movement is not a soul. So, since he had a “vague me,” he slowly moved in front of the camera—a trick to catch the evaporating soul. He even became famous. Despite himself. It’s thanks to others being captivated by him that he started to deepen this existence, by allowing this biographical view to live and by starting another. In fact, yes, it’s always someone else we describe in our bio. »
Hippolyte Girardot

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