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Les subsistances

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Le Cabaret calamiteux

Camille Boitel / L’Immédiat

From 27 to 30 March

Performance / Théâtre


Creating numbers, sequences, independent bits, accepting the disparate, accepting that yes, one thing does not depend on another. . . (and yet. . .). Expressing a kind of time that is not a performance but an evening during which life goes on, stops all of a sudden then continues.

A place where we drink, where we talk, interrupted by an involuntary striptease: a man sings a spoken song, “nothing’s holding together, I’m hanging on by a thread, I’m no longer attached to you, in fact I’m leaving . . .” (thanks to carefully attached strings and his moving forward), his hair slowly comes off, his scarf slides off, his fly unzips by itself, he moves forward, his belt unbuckles and slides down his hips to the floor, his pants fall down, the buttons fly off his shirt, his t-shirt uncovers his shoulders then his chest and belly while lasciviously molding to his body. . .

A woman arrives, she catches a man and they start a strange scuffling, blending their bodies, melting into and carrying each other holistically and sensually. Someone else starts a long speech about his speech defects of all kinds, afflicted with palilalia, stuttering, slips of the tongue and other ills, he evacuates them by listing them in a sort of virtuosity.

Le cabaret calamiteux is just a little moth-eaten curtain at the back of a bar that opens and closes and, for as long as they’re there, the faces that appear and disappear give a sort of sad party, a song of happy desperation.

And all the lost are there, the limpers, the defective, the inert, the frightened, the sensual, the idiots, the monsters, the dumbfounded, those who don’t remember what they wanted to say, those who’ve washed up here or somewhere else, those who constantly wash up, who wash up in front of everyone, as if by accident.


Création et mise en scène : Camille Boitel
Avec : Thomas de Broissia, Camille Boitel, Pascal Le Corre, Marion Lefebvre, Céline Schmitt, et (en alternance) Jacques Benoit Dardant et Mickaël Philis
Artistes invités : Victoria Colona et Lichi Sanchez.
Musiciens Invités : Nicolas Stephan, Antoine Berjeaut et Sébastien Brun / Surnatural Orchestra
Construction (accessoires, mécanismes et scénographie) : Marion Lefèbvre et Thomas de Broissia (avec l’aide de Nicolas Amar et Céline Schmitt)
Costumes : L’Immédiat (avec l’aide de Céline Perrigon et de Nathalie Saulnier)
Lumière : Jacques Benoît Dardant et Mickaël Philis
Opérations gustatives : réalisé par Céline Schmitt
Régie générale : Jacques Benoît Dardant, Thomas de Broissia et Marion Lefèbvre
Composition musicales : L’Immédiat et le Surnatural Orchestra

Production et diffusion : L’Immédiat, Si par hasard




Dates & horaires

Thu 27 March 2014 / 19:45

Fri 28 March 2014 / 19:45

Sat 29 March 2014 / 20:30

Sun 30 March 2014 / 20:00


Feuille de salle

With the support of


(Office National de Diffusion Artistique)