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La Foire aux savoirs

An idea, a topic, a technical

Saturday 28 and Sunday, November 29



An idea, a topic, a technique: a 20- to 90-minute discussion series.

After the weekends at Saint-Fons (17 and 18 October) and the Hôtel de Région in Lyon (21 and 22 October), Les Subsistances will host the Foire aux Savoirs , co-organized with the Villa Gillet. In a free-form, fun way, researchers, teachers, artisans, specialists and fans will share their knowledge and know-how with the festival’s attendees. How does one direct an orchestra? Make a sapphire? Take a photo portrait? How did people dance in the 13th century? Do we have the right to say anything and everything? These and many more topics will be addressed during this weekend.

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Dates & horaires

Sat 28 November 2015 / 15:00

Sun 29 November 2015 / 15:00


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