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Are Finance and Money Society’s Umpires?

Thursday, 22 November 2012 at 19h30



Theme, money, the crisis

Initially conceived as a tool for social cohesion enabling trade and travel, money broke the rules of collective society, threatening even to overpower the political sphere. According to what spoken or unspoken precepts do money and finance operate? How have they made the barriers of social cohesion give way under the leadership of self-proclaimed experts and advisers?

Marc Roche: “I still think capitalism is the best system for creating riches. But I am shocked by the rise over the past several years of an unregulated capitalism that has destabilized the functioning of the global economy and taken countries, consumers, employees and small shareholders hostage.”

Pierre Zaoui: “In a society of money, only money can ruin us or rescue us . . . . and if we prefer to be saved rather than lost, we had better develop a commonly accepted monetary policy rather than let money lead us to our ruin.”

Laurence Duchêne: “In money matters, people of modest means are as capable as others. Often, they are even better equipped, because every day they have to negotiate.”

With Laurence Duchêne (philosopher), Bruno Meyssat (director), Pierre Zaoui (philosopher), Lucile Merlin (trader) Hosted by: Marc Roche (journalist / Le Monde)


Laurence Duchêne (France) teaches economics and social science in preparatory classes at the Lycée Carnot in Paris. She has published L’Abstraction matérielle* [The Material Abstraction], which crosses economics with philosophy to analyze the political role in our society of money—both an abstraction recognized by everyone and an indisputable element of materiality.

Lucile Merlin (France), a graduate of HEC Paris, has 15 years of capital-market experience, having worked on sales and derivative-product-structuring teams. In trading rooms, in Paris then London, she has covered a clientele of corporate treasurers and institutional investors on the major European markets (France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, etc.). Today she works for herself.

Bruno Meyssat (France) founded his company, Théâtres du Shaman, in 1981. Invited to the most important theaters and festivals, he has directed roughly thirty performances. In 2002, a mentoring program was set up between the company and Les Subsistances with Est-il vrai que je m’en vais? [Am I Really Leaving?] (2002), then De la part du Ciel (2003/2004) [On Behalf of the Sky] and 1707, Il primo omicidio [1707, The First Homicide] (2006). 15% is the last in a three-part series dealing with history and current events, following on Observer [Observe] and Le Monde extérieur [The Outside World].

Pierre Zaoui (France) is a philosopher and maître de conférences [associate professor] of philosophy at the University of Paris 7 Diderot. He is also a member of the editorial committee of the review Vacarme. His work focuses on Spinoza and Deleuze.

Grégoire Chertok (France) is a partner-manager and member of the Executive Committee of Rothschild & Compagnie Banque. A former member of the Conseil d’Analyse Economique [Economic Analysis Council], today he is a representative (conseiller regional) of the Île-de-France region and deputy mayor of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. He assisted groups such as GDF Suez, Casino, Bouygues, Accor and others with their development in France and abroad, and participated in the creation of the Fondapol think tank, of which he is still a member of the supervisory board.

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