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Les subsistances

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Conference on Jubilation

Camille Boitel / L’Immédiat

Sunday 30 march



“Do you really know what jubilation is? Have you yourself ever jubilated? Maybe you have without realizing it. Jubilation is always transmitted, contagious: we jubilate without meaning to, without warning, when we don’t expect it. And we can’t jubilate on purpose: jubilation escapes if we try to catch it. When we started this study, we found: the void. Nothing at all. Nothing and nobody. Slight traces of Nietzsche and musical jubilation . . . a few words about joy, about pleasure. . . . But jubilation, enjoyment of enjoyment, nobody cares: it’s useless, uninteresting, and in any case just about unthinkable. Maybe this nomadic state, this intelligence disease, attracted us because we ourselves play (it’s our occupation). It’s true that jubilation is not subject to knowledge, it’s uncouth and violent, unforeseeable, disobedient and venomous. It turns a person inside out and destroys their solemnity, instantaneously. It insinuates itself undetected into her entrails, it surges up from her, from within, it explodes inside of her, it shakes her up and carries her away.”



Création : Camille Boitel
Avec : Camille Boitel (présentateur) et Pascal Le Corre (spécialiste en France de la jubilation et des jouets)

Production et diffusion : Si par hasard / L’Immédiat



Free with reservation

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Sun 30 March 2014 / 15:30