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Les subsistances

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El Nucleo / Coline Mazurek & Valentin Verdure

Edward Aleman / Coline Mazurek & Valentin Verdure

From 28 to 29 march

Circus / Dance


With a single ticket, discover two young companies for an hour of travel between circus and dance.

El Nucleo
Acrobatics – Dance
(30 min)


Coline Mazurek & Valentin Verdure
Circus – Dance
(20 min)

El Nucleo


This is not Edward’s first visit to Les Subsistances. An acrobat in David Bobée’s shows, he has also created a breathtaking duo with his partner, Wilmer. This new show is indeed an acrobat’s show. But through him, it is also the show of a young man who left Colombia several years ago to join the circus in France, and who is looking back on this road with a touch of sadness today. Not from there anymore? Not from here? More intimate than his previous performances, this solo lets us hear the fragile voice hidden by the invincible body of a virtuoso.


Author, singer : Edward Aleman
Outside view : Sophie Colleu
Writing research, dramaturgy: Ronan Cheneau
Production / diffusion : Fanny Fauvel
Production : El Nucleo
Coproduction : Les Subsistances (Lyon), La Brèche, Pôle national des arts du cirque (Cherboue Octeville), Le CDN de Haute Normandie, La Nouvelle Relax, Scène conventionnée (Chaumont)


Edward Aleman was born in Colombia in 1985 and developed a taste for the stage at a young age: at 12 he was practicing circus, theater and dance, and after graduating high school studied sports at university. With his longtime partner Wilmer Marquez, he started emulating Gata Cirko, Colombia’s top contemporary circus company.
He started working with associations for the development of circus arts and became an artist with Gata Cirko. He and Wilmer Marquez, his carrier, helped create the show DÉJÀ-VU.
In 2008, looking for new experiences and adventure, the duo gave up their professions in Columbia to join the 22nd class of the Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque in Chalons-en-Champagne.
In 2011 they founded their company, El Nucleo. Wilmer and Edward worked on David Bobee‘s creation Roméo & Juliette in September 2012 and are the two new actors in Bobée’s show, Warm. In October 2013 El Nucleo created its first show, Quien soy?, and at the same time developed a short form called Sans arrêt for all audiences.
While working on their joint projects, Edward also took part in a project with the circus school in Ramallah, Palestine, working as an assistant director in 2010. He has taught dance, acrobatics at the Vertigo circus school in Turin since 2012.



Every 12 seconds, a beep makes Coline and Valentin change something: a new acrobatic trick, a word, a song, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s new! This acrobatic duo seems like much more than two. Choreographed by Simon Tanguy, one of the new stars of contemporary dance, Coline and Valentin’s first show is an exhausting tale of the need for novelty, the race to invent. These two acrobats, trained at the National School for Circus, are obviously virtuosos, but what they ask of themselves in 100 times 12 seconds is crazy.


Creation : Simon Tanguy, Coline Mazurek, Valentin Verdure
With : Coline Mazurek, Valentin Verdure
Music : Julien Vadet
Lighting : Juliette Romens
Production : Coline Mazurek & Valentin Verdure
Coproduction : Les Subsistances, Cirk’Eole (Montigny-lès-Metz)
Residence : Cirk’Eole (Montigny-lés-Metz), La Cascade : Maison des arts du clown et du cirque (Bourg-Saint-Andéol), Les Subsistances, Bleu Pluriel (Trégueux)


Coline Mazurek
After several years of gymnastics and ballet, she arrived at the Ecole de Cirque de Lyon where she discovered her current specialty, acrobatic poses. She continued this specialty at the Piste d’Azur circus school then entered the second-year class at the Ecole nationale des arts du cirque in Rosny-sous-bois (ENACR), where she met her carrier, Valentin Verdure. They then attended the Centre national des arts du cirque (CNAC). In January 2014 they were part of Dolls, the new show by the Czech company Cirk La Putyka.

Valentin Verdure
He discovered the circus when he was 8 and never let go, starting to tour with a street company when he was 15. He also studied contemporary dance to prepare for circus school entry exams, spending a “preparatory” circus year at Piste d’Azur then attending ENACR, where he met his acrobat, Coline Mazurek. Together they went on to the CNAC, getting their degrees and hitting the road with their graduation project, Pulsions. Since January 2014 they have been part of Dolls, the new show by the Czech company Cirk La Putyka.



8 € (single price)

Dates & horaires

Sat 28 March 2015 / 16:15

Sun 29 March 2015 / 19:00


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