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Olivier Meyrou

From 23 till 25 November 2012


Theme : Sexual identities

Masculine, feminine… what gender speaks within us? Is it always the one we’re born with? Not necessarily… Olivier Meyrou has reached out to highly diverse yet totally ordinary people to relate the singularity of identity itineraries. His work is like a mirror held up to our own movements.

A documentary filmmaker, Olivier Meyrou recently gained notice at the Berlin Festival for his documentary Célébration, which deals with Yves Saint-Laurent’s last years at work. In his preceding film, Au-delà de la haine [Beyond Hate], he respectfully solicits the feelings of a family whose homosexual son was beaten to death by two skinheads. Like all Meyrou’s work, this film raises the question of identities with extreme sensitivity and without sensationalism.


Au-delà de la haine Documentary made in 2005 Never intrusive, the camera carefully takes in the expression of inconsolable sorrow. While it stays trained on the banality of the crime scene (a park), a voiceover narrative by François’s sister speaks to us better than an on-camera interview could. Through the example of this wounded but unified family, the film salutes, in particular, the dignified, courageous conduct that consists of not jumping on the bandwagon.

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Dans le secret d’Yves Saint Laurent Censored documentary Interview of Olivier Meyrou regarding his film (which Pierre Bergé still prohibits from being shown). The director comments on a few excerpts and explains his view of the Saint Laurent/Bergé saga.

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