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Climate change: what must change?

Tuesday november 20



Climate Change: What Must Change?

Anxiety about the climate is not new. Since the 19th century, Westerners have worried about their lifestyle’s effect on the environment. Today, there is a quasi-consensus as to the urgency of the situation: humanity is causing irreversible damage to its biotope, heading quickly toward its own extinction. Voices are being raised against these catastrophist views. Some are calling for changing our point of view, for reevaluating such assessments, which lack historical perspective. Others call for changing the world, seeing this crisis as the symptom of a capitalist world unable to regulate its selfish growth. So what must change—our analytical frame of reference or our political system? Must we change glasses or change the world?

With Jean-Baptiste Fressoz (historian of science, technology and the environment) ; Hervé Kempf (journalist) ; Jacques Comby (professor of geography)
Hosted by Michel Lussault (géographe / ENS of Lyon)


Jean-Baptiste Fressoz (France), a historian of science, technology and the environment, teaches at the Imperial College (London). In L’Apocalypse joyeuse [The Joyful Apocalypse], he recounts the political history of technological risk and its regulation, discussing the controversies—always carefully pushed aside—that progress cannot help but stir up.

Hervé Kempf (France), is a journalist specializing in environmental issues. The creator of the magazine on the environment, Reporterre, he has also covered ecological issues for other media, with a strong interest in the stakes of development, as evidenced by his recent essay, Pour sauver la planète, sortez du capitalisme [To Save the Planet, Quit Capitalism] (Seuil, 2009).

Jacques Comby (France), a professor of geography, is president of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. A specialist in climatology and risk, he is a member of local and national research networks. He is the author of about one hundred articles, a number of which have appeared in international journals.

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