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Concert special

Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Saturday 16 november


Theme : Normal/Abnormal

« The greatest cabaret artist of (v’s) generation »
The New Yorker

A must-see of the New York cabaret scene, Mx Justin Vivian Bond has an extraordinary voice that can slip with inimitable grace from punk to neofolk. In Lyon Bond will give the premier performance of a mosaic of stories and songs drawn from the shows Mx America and Meowzing! My Life As A Jazz Kitten, and the albums Dendrophile and Silver Wells. A happening not to be missed.


Direction and piano : Matt Ray
Guitar : Nath Ann Carrera
Violin : Claudia Chopek


Mx Justin Vivian Bond (United States) is a singer and performance artist. His work, such as the role of Kiki Du-Rane, reflects his transgender identity and has earned him numerous accolades and a 2007 Tony Award nomination. A member Radical Faeries (an international group formed in the 1970s), Bond does not accept the heterocentrist model and is trying to redefine gay identity. A fixture of New York’s late-night scene, he was featured in the film Shortbus (John Cameron Mitchell) in 2006.

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Zombie VS cyborg : what will the future be like for humans ?
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With Thierry Hoquet (FR), Pierre Cassou-Nogues (FR)

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Animated by Caroline Broué
With Anne Verjus (FR), Caroline Mecary (FR), Jean-Philippe Pierron (FR), Irène Théry (FR) et Georges Eid (FR) Marie Douris (FR)
+++ After au Lavoir public
Existentialist striptease-Bare-all interviews
Sunday 17 november 21:30




8€ for everyone (same price for everyone all year)

Dates & horaires

Sat 16 November 2013 / 22:00

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