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Bruno Meyssat


From 27 to 30 November 2014



Is adventure man’s fate ?

“The Apollo missions put astronauts in situations we could picture only based on fantasy, as they involved border zones for the body, the materials, and the mind. We are focusing our interest on this this human dimension.
Its epic-like quality led us to try to create a performance on this topic in order to evoke some of its heroic, poignant moments and, in the end, its childlike face.
Astronauts have been selected and prepared, have left and come back. They have left their mark on the modern imagination. Twenty-seven have for a time broken with our shared destiny: to stay close to the Earth.”
Bruno Meyssat


Conception and realisation : Bruno Meyssat
Comédians : Gaël Baron, Charles Chemin, Elisabeth Doll, Frédéric Leidgens, Jean-Christophe Vermot-Gauchy et Marie Laure Vrancken.
Scenographie : Bruno Meyssat et Pierre-Yves Boutrand
Lighting and stage management : Franck Besson
Stage management, preparation of objects and building : Pierre Yves Boutrand, Arnaud Chevalier
Soundscape : Patrick Portella et David Moccelin
Costumes : Robin Chemin
Assistants : Véronique Mailliard et Charles Chemin


Bruno Meyssat was born in 1959 and founded his company, Théâtres du Shaman, in 1981, creating twenty shows by 1990, including Fractures (1983), La séparation (1986), and Ajax, fils de Télamnon (1990).
From 1991 to 1994 he was associate director at the CDN de Grenoble, where he created Passacaille (1992), Les Disparus (1993), Les Mille et une Propositions (1995), and Orage by August Strindberg (1996), among others.
He traveled a lot, spent a lot of time training actors, then created Short Plays de Samuel Beckett (1997), Imentet, Un passage par l’Egypte (1997/1998); Rondes de nuits (2001); Impression d’Œdipe (1999-2001).

Between 2002 and 2008 he created a new version for five voices of Exécuteur 14 by Adel Hakim. He created il primo omicidio, then recreated Catastrophe et Quoi Où by Beckett, Forces 1915-2008. In Japan he created Observer. He created Le Monde extérieur in 2011, and 15% in 2012 at the Avignon Festival.
He also teaches in the acting schools at the TNB (Rennes), TNS (Strasbourg), Comédie de Saint-Etienne, ENSATT (Lyon), and abroad.

At Les Subsistances, Bruno Meyssat created Une Aire ordinaire, an essay based on the writings of Donald Winnicott in 2004, De la part du ciel based on a scientific essay by Camille Flammarion in 2004, and 1707, Caïn ou le Premier Homicide in 2006. His play 15%, created for the Avignon Festival, was presented in November 2012 during the Mode d’Emploi festival.

Regarding Apollo

For the general public, the Apollo program covered five full years. It began in January 1967 with the Apollo 1 fire during a final ground test, which brought instant death by fire and suffocation to the Apollo 1 team and traumatized NASA and the American public. It ended in December 1972 with the return of the Apollo 17 team, the fifth and final to have landed on the moon.
The Apollo program in general is a paradox. Along with use of the atomic bomb in 1945, it is one of the 20th centuries’ major events. But it is already fading from memories and consciences. It is no longer taught and is becoming unknown.
And yet, it was stamped with the seal of gigantism, of technical prowess and heroism. . . . We can measure how much a project of this magnitude leaves us wanting today and imagine what it represented for the men and women of the late-20th century. A society that tended to simplify everything was witness to an event that could not be simplified.
Apollo 8 lifted off on 21 December with F.Borman, J.Lovell and W.Anders on board.
It was the first manned flight close to the moon. These three men saw its dark side with their own eyes. With good reason, the Apollo 8 mission has been compared to that of Christopher Columbus on his way to the Americas: humans did indeed leave this earthly world.

On that day, a vision of the world changed. For the first time, we saw how small and almost lost in the universe our blue planet is, and photographs of an “Earthrise” amazed a vast audience.



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