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Les subsistances

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Archives - Saison 2017 - 2018
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Alexandre Roccoli


Jeudi 18, vendredi 19 et samedi 20 janvier 2018 à 20h



Choreographer Alexandre Roccoli takes some of his inspiration from his working-class family history. He is especially interested in how certain movements are passed down. Here, how they are altered. Through various encounters he became fascinated with both the silences left by Alzheimer’s and the possession inflicted by tarantism, which is resolved through dance. This piece, Weaver-Quintet, draws on those sources. The piece is danced by three dancers and a lighting designer. The music, which is based on the sounds made by a loom, is played live by the electro composer Deena Abdelwahed. Five strong women try to tightly reweave sparse memories.


Chorégraphie : Alexandre Roccoli
Musique live : Deena Abdelwahed
Ingénieur Son : Benoist Esté
Conseiller en dramaturgie : Florian Gaité
Danseuses : Vera Gobatcheva, Daphné Koutsafti, Juliette Morel
Création lumière : Rima Ben-brahim
Régie générale : Hugo Frison
Professeures invitées : Rita Quaglia et Anne Martin
Conseiller en dramaturgie : Florian Gaité
Production : A Short Term Effect
Coproduction : A-CDC (Association des CDC) : Art danse – CDC Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson, La Briqueterie – CDC du Val-de-Marne, Le Cuvier – CDC de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, L’échangeur – CDC Hauts-de-France, Le Gymnase | CDC Roubaix – Hauts-de-France, CDC Les Hivernales – Avignon, le Pacifique | CDC – Grenoble, Pôle Sud – CDC Strasbourg, CDC Toulouse/Occitanie, CDC Uzès danse
Coproduction et résidence : Les Subsistances, Laboratoire international de création artistique 16/17

Montage : Jéremy Perrin, Simon Krahl / Voix : Andréa Carlino, Luigi Chiriatti / Danse et musique : Malika Djardi, Benoist Este/ Les soyeuses : Mesdames Debaux et Laterza / Production : Nuovi Mecenati Roma, CCN de Caen.
La compagnie A Short Term Effect est subventionnée par la Drac Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, et par la Spedidam, la Ville de Lyon et l’Institut Français pour certains projets.


Holder of a master’s degree in Esthetics of Creation (Dance Department, University of Paris VIII) and a two-year undergraduate degree in Information and Communication (cultural policy option, Lyon II), Alexandre Roccoli trained with Mathilde Monnier at the Montpellier CCN. He then became an active member of Théâtre du Soleil for three years, dancing in Ariane Mnouchkine’s Tambours sur la digue. In 2003 he moved to Berlin, where he worked with artists Antonia Baehr, Aranxtia Martinez, Eszter Salamon, Tino Seghal, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Tamer Yigit, Clemens Von Wedemeyer, and electronic and electro-acoustic musicians such as Ellen Alien, DJ Chloé, Pantha du prince, Jeff Mills, Benoist Este, Deena Abdelwahed, Daox, etc.
Since 2010, Roccoli has been expanding his visual arts and choreographic research on the movements involved in ancient crafts, some of which have already been lost while others resist being forgotten. Through his creations Empty picture (2013), Longing (2014), and Weaver Raver (2015), as well as various workshops, he has gathered material for a visual and musical framework on the world of weaving. He has also collected personal stories from people in Italy, Morocco and France who are perpetuating this working-class memory, which is increasingly threatened by automation in industrial societies.
Weaver-Quintet (production des 12 CDC) and Hadra are the two premieres of the 2017 – 2018 season. They are echoed in the series of pieces dealing with forgotten memories and transmission.



Autour du spectacle

Samedi 20 janvier de 10h30 à 12h
1h30 de workshop avec Alexandre Roccoli suivi d’un brunch en compagnie des artistes. Tarif : 18 € (workshop + brunch)



10 € / 12 € / 14 €

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Thu 18 January 2018 / 20:00

Fri 19 January 2018 / 20:00

Sat 20 January 2018 / 20:00