Les subsistances

Creative research laboratory - Lyon
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Les subsistances

Laboratoire international
de création artistique – Lyon

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After au Lavoir public

Sunday 17 november


Echoing Mode d’Emploi, the festival’s participants show themselves in another light.

Our guests answer troublesome questions posed by a charming host. From Marcel Proust to Sophie Calle and Grégoire Bouiller via Max Frisch, artists have long been asked surprising questions: “What gets you up in the morning?” “What’s become of your childhood dreams?” Festival participants have graciously agreed to participate in an unusual exercise in which they’ll be asked such questions at random, each one taking their turn in the hot seat.

In a club-like atmosphere, complete with music and a drink! More surprises in store on this merry evening.



Free (Booking in 09 50 85 76 13)

Dates & horaires

Sun 17 November 2013 / 21:30

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