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Bruno Meyssat / Théâtres du Shaman (FR)

From 21 till 23 November 2012



15%: that’s the minimum return on equity expected by pension funds contributing capital to a company. Below that, they lay off; above that, they redistribute to the shareholders. No qualms, no getting tied up in knots: that’s the way the game of finance, investments and profits is played. Bruno Meyssat met with economists, immersed himself in Wall Street, and, with his actors, read the texts by sociologists, traders and economists on which contemporary economics are based. With bodies, words and objects, he evokes the economic relationship on stage. Far from a staged documentary, 15% aims to transform “a tangible abstraction (an economic relationship and its consequences) into sequences that give everyone the opportunity to remember and be surprised.” According to Meyssat, the world of high finance provokes as much if not more affect and passion, as many other subjects. Like war and Shakespearian drama, it provides a formidable vantage point for seeing, in all its crudeness, the human condition.

15% follows on a work begun by [the company? Text missing in FR] on history and the contemporary era. After Observer, which dealt with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Le Monde extérieur, which treated oil pollution, this creation is the third in a triptych. Meyssat presents it as “an attempt to represent financial mechanisms and the human passions they inflame.” More than a documentary or yet another tract, 15% aims to transform “a tangible abstraction (an economic relationship and its consequences) into sequences that give everyone the opportunity to remember and be surprised.”


Conception and realisation : Bruno Meyssat
With the participation of : Gaël Baron, Pierre-Yves Boutrand, Charles Chemin, Elisabeth Doll, Frédéric Leidgens, Jean-Jacques Simonian, Jean-Christophe Vermot-Gauchy. Scénographie : Bruno Meyssat , Pierre-Yves Boutrand, Laurent Driss, Damien Schahmaneche
Lighting consultant and press relations : Franck Besson
Light and video operator and construction : Pierre-Yves Boutrand et Thierry Varenne
Sound environnement : Patrick Portella et David Moccelin
Costume design : Robin Chemin
Assistants : Arnaud Chevalier et Véronique Mailliard
Production : Éric Favre
Administration of Théâtres du Shaman : Emmanuelle Moreau

Production : Théâtres du Shaman. Coproduction : Festival d’Avignon, Espace Malraux Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers Centre dramatique national, Comédie de Saint-Étienne Centre dramatique national, Scène nationale de Sète et du Bassin de Thau. Avec le soutien des Subsistances (Lyon). Avec l’aide du Théâtre des Quartiers d’Ivry Centre dramatique national du Val-de-Marne, du GMEM Centre national de création musicale de Marseille, de l’Institut français, de la Région Rhône-Alpes / Fiacre international et de l’Ambassade de France aux États-Unis. La compagnie Théâtres du Shaman est conventionnée par la Drac Rhône-Alpes et la Région Rhône-Alpes et subventionnée par la Ville de Lyon.


Bruno Meyssat founded his company Théâtres du Shaman in 1981. He has been invited to the most important theaters and festivals and directed roughly thirty shows, including Passacaille (1992); Les Disparus (1993); Imentet, un Passage par l’Egypte (1997/98); and Impressions d’Oedipe (1999). In 2002, a mentorship began between the company and Les Subsistances with Est-il vrai que je m’en vais? (2002), De la part du Ciel (2003 et 2004); Une Aire Ordinaire (2006) and 1707, Il primo omicidio (2006).

+ more informations on www.theatresdushaman.com

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Debate > Are Finance and Money Society’s Umpires?
Avec Laurence Duchêne (philosophe), Bruno Meyssat (metteur en scène), Pierre Zaoui (philosophe), Lucile Merlin (trader)
Animé par : Marc Roche (journaliste / Le Monde)


Retrouvez des extraits du spectacle sur Arte Creative (captation aux Subsistances mercredi 21 novembre 2012).



15€ / 12€ / 7.50€ (Subs card)

Dates & horaires

Wed 21 November 2012 / 21:00

Thu 22 November 2012 / 21:00

Fri 23 November 2012 / 21:00


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